Hand Embroidery Essentials Kit


Step into the world of hand embroidery with our comprehensive starter set. This thoughtfully curated bundle provides all the essentials to start creating beautiful, intricate designs right away. Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or an experienced crafter looking to expand your toolkit, this set has everything you need to bring your embroidery projects to life.
What’s Included:
  • 4 Balls of #8 Perle Cotton Eleganza Thread: Vibrant and smooth, these premium threads add rich texture and depth to your projects.
  • 1 Spool of Rayon 8wt Razzle Thread: This silky thread offers a luxurious sheen, perfect for striking details and highlights.
  • 1 Spool of Rayon Metallic 8wt Dazzle Thread: Add a touch of sparkle with this subtle metallic thread, ideal for accentuating elements.
  • Thread Butler: Keep your threads organized and tangle-free on the go with this essential tool.
  • Embroidery Pattern on the Rinse Away Design Sheet: Start stitching immediately with our pre-printed design on a Rinse Away Design sheet.
  • 2 Sheets of WonderGuard: Protect your threads from unspooling, especially great for silkier threads.
  • 1 Pack of BOHIN Chelline 22 Needles
  • 1 Pack of Sue Spargo Milleners Size 1 Needles