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Longarm Bobbins

The bobbin choice for a beautiful bottom stitch that runs effortlessly with minimal tension headaches. Your first bobbin choice for every top thread with sizes to fit every machine. Take the stress out of any thread tension issues on your long arm by selecting DecoBob™ prewound bobbins. Wound with perfectly even tension and completely absent of glue or residues that would build up in your machine, these bobbins offer more than convenience. The results are even stitch consistency, consistent tension, low-bulk seams, and a plastic bobbin you can reuse again. Set your bobbin tension and forget about it as you move from quilt to quilt and achieve a beautiful stitch quality. You will also find yourself replacing the bobbin less because it is wound with a higher density of thread at the factory than what can be achieved on your own bobbin winder. DecoBob™ prewound bobbins will save you time and let you quilt more efficiently, maximizing the use of your quilting time.

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