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Quilt designer and teacher, Violet Craft, has teamed up with WonderFil to offer DecoBob thread in a convenient pack. This 80wt cottonized polyester thread is extremely fine and incredibly strong, making it a versatile choice for any sewing or quilting project. Three basic colours are included to pair with any project, from precision piecing to embroidery, to general machine sewing, and even as a bobbin thread.

Each pack includes three 2000m (2187yd) spools in the following colors: Charcoal (DB168), Dove Grey (DB113), and Antique White (DB112).

The Perfect Piecing Thread:

Upgrade your piecing simply by changing your thread. Because 80wt DecoBob™ is so fine, your seams will lay flatter, making it easier to line up patterns and quilt blocks. The thread is incredibly strong for its size, making it a reliable choice to hold your projects together.

Quilt Your Heart Out:

Because this thread is so fine, we were able to fit so much more thread on the spool. Not only will you have enough thread to piece your quilt, you can likely get away with using the same spool to quilt it after as well! DecoBob™ is perfect for blending into the fabric as well as dense and intricate quilting, such as micro quilting.

Your Best Thread Lace:

Machine embroider the softest thread lace you’ll ever feel with DecoBob™. This 80wt thread keeps all the details in intricate embroidery designs as well as smaller designs, which is especially noticeable in monogramming.

DecoBob™ Color Chart
DecoBob™ Hints & Tips


Material: 2-ply Cottonized Polyester
Weight: 80wt
Usages: Precision piecing, stippling, general sewing, machine embroidery, top and bottom thread for quilting, button holes, digitized lace design, hidden stitches, bobbin thread.

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