Hand Embroidery Sampler


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Are you an avid hand embroiderer looking to try something new from WonderFil? Or maybe a beginner who wants to sample their options? This little hand embroidery thread sampler pack includes 5 sample size threads that make it easy for you to get a feel for the wonderful thread options available. Also included is a detailed hints and tips guide to tell you more about each thread, how you can use it, as well as sewing tips to give you the best results.

Note that all colours included will be randomized and may not be the same colours shown in the product image.


  • Eleganza™ #8 Egyptian perle cotton in a solid colour
  • Eleganza™ #8 perle cotton in a variegated colour
  • Dazzle™ 8wt rayon with 1 strand of metallic
  • Spagetti™ 12wt Egyptian cotton (solid colour)
  • Fruitti™ 12wt Egyptian cotton (variegated colour)