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Silco™ - 35wt Lint-Free Cotton Thread

Silco™ is a 35wt cotton thread, but unlike other cotton threads, this one is 100% Lint Free and comes with no waxes or coatings, making it the perfect choice for sewers who want to avoid lint and residue build-up in their machines. This unique thread also carries a sateen finish which makes it perfect for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, or any project using decorative stitches. Available in 30 beautiful solid colors and 30 variegated colors, Silco™ is strong and colorfast making it a versatile thread in your sewing room. We recommend using our Wonder Guard with this thread due to its slippery nature.

Material: 3-ply 100% Lint FREE Cotton
Weight: 35wt
Sizes: 700m (766yd)
Usages: Embroidery, thread painting, quilting, decorative stitching.

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