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Founded in 1988 by one Canadian family, WonderFil Specialty Threads™ started with humble beginnings, offering only one single rayon embroidery thread line. Through their decades of hard work and passion, WonderFil® is now an international company participating in over one hundred events annually. We currently offer 36 unique thread lines all the way from 100wt to 3wt in cotton, polyester, rayon, metallic, and wool varieties. WonderFil® proudly takes the lead in designing innovative specialty threads and setting new standards in the quilting industry by advancing thread technology.


Despite our humble beginnings, our vision from the very first day has been to inspire and educate sewers across the globe, giving them the right tools to create beautiful pieces that can be treasured. The most incredible part for us is seeing our threads in the hands of quilters and sewists. We absolutely adore seeing the beautiful and inspirational projects being made all around the world, and it brings us great joy to see them stitched in everything from award winning quilts to a new grandson’s baby blanket, or even a graduate’s prom dress.

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As part of our initiative to further thread education, we launched the WonderFil Boutique Program in 2016 to bring Threaducation closer to home. We’ve partnered with several quilt shops and sewing machine stores around North America and personally trained the staff on WonderFil® threads, helping these local businesses better assist you with all your thread needs. We also have on staff Threaducators all over the globe teaching at a multitude of events every year. Through teaching, published articles, social media and partnership, we hope to bring a new awareness of thread education to everyone.

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We’re proud to be one of the very few thread companies that manufactures every single thread line ourselves. This means that every time you pick up a spool of WonderFil® brand thread, you’ll know that we took the time to source the materials it was spun from, manufactured the thread in our own facilities, and did all the checks to control the quality ourselves. This allows us to consistently offer you the highest quality thread lines at extremely competitive prices. Whether you’re a brand-new sewer or an experienced award-winning quilter, WonderFil Specialty Threads™ are reliable and accessible for all levels. We want to bring you something special that you can rely on and create memorable projects and quilts that will be passed down through generations.

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