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Quilters unite! This sampler brings together 4 different thread lines on king cones so you can play and experiment with WonderFil’s most popular quilting threads. You’ll also receive a DecoBob™ pre-wound bobbin in M size. This pack is perfect for helping you find your favourite new quilting thread. Also included is a detailed hints and tips guide to tell you more about each thread, how you can use it, as well as sewing tips to give you the best results.

Spool sizes and the M size bobbin included in this sampler are intended for longarm machines. If you are sewing with these on a domestic machine, you may need to place your threads on a separate thread stand to the side of your machine, as well as wind the pre-wound bobbin on an empty bobbin that fits your machine.

Note that all colours included will be randomized and may not be the same colours shown in the product image.


  • Ultima™ 40wt cotton wrapped polyester
  • Master Quilter™ 40wt cottonized polyester
  • Konfetti™ 50wt double gassed Egyptian cotton
  • FabuLux™ 40wt trilobal polyester
  • M size bobbin pre-wound with 80wt DecoBob™ cottonized polyester

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