Sew It All Bundle


These essential tools and accessories are a must in every sewing room! We’ve compiled these popular basics for an all-in-one sew-it-all bundle with 15% off regular price.

2x Ultimate Thread Dispensers
2x Regular size Wonder Guard
1x Thread Tamer

The Ultimate Thread Dispenser is a unique sewing accessory that greatly improves the thread draw and tension during sewing. It promotes a consistent and even thread draw that is especially useful for tangled or slippery threads, or threads with a high memory such as metallic. Guaranteed to fit all mini king cone spools from WonderFil, it is recommended to be used on your vertical spool pin.

Wrapping Wonder Guard snugly around your spools tidies loose threads and stops them from unwinding and tangling. It also keeps your thread clean and prevents it from drying out. This multi-purpose thread guard can also be attached loosely around spools of thread while in use on a machine for a consistent draw, helping to maintain beautifully even stitches with no fuss.

The Thread Tamer is a light-weight thread stand designed to create vertical drawing, eliminating tension changes and preventing slippery thread from unreeling, which happens when thread is drawn horizontally. The stand also comes with a detachable perpendicular drawing feature ideal for small sized spools. It is able to fit any size spool of thread and is capable of holding up to three spools in place for couching and cording so as to prevent any undesired tangling.