Bobbinator + Pre-Wounds Bundle

Load up with this combo-bundle! Includes 1 Bobbinator pack plus 2 pre-wound bobbin packs in your choices of size L or class 15, and your choice of colors! It’s the perfect way to save on these sewing room must-haves with 15% off the regular price.

Get started building your Bobbinator + Pre-Wounds Bundle:

• We recommend taking a look at the DecoBob™ color chart to view all the colors available in one easy place.
• Once you know which colors you want in your bundle, select your colors from each of the dropdown menus below. Please ensure to select the bobbin correct size for your machine. You can consult our bobbin guide if you’re unsure.
• When all your options are selected, click “Add to cart”. You can build as many bundles as you like! It’s the perfect stocking stuffer for crafty friends or your own collection.