GlaMore™ 12wt Rayon & Metallic 2021 Holiday Pack


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These irresistible 12wt rayon and metallic 12wt threads are ideal for anything from embellishment to embroidery to thread painting, anywhere you want a decorative look in your stitching.

This year we’ve created 4 totally new and unique limited edition GlaMore™ colours: Snowflake, Winter Wonderland, Christmas Tree, and Candy Cane. Each colourway pack includes 2 of the limited-edition colours. These threads are available in a limited quantity, so get yours before they’re gone!

Included inside every GlaMore™ 2021 holiday pack is a FREE reindeer mug rug pattern! You’ll receive detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make this cute project yourself!

These packs are priced lower than their regular price: save up to $6.80!


Details Description

Includes 5 spools per pack (274m/300yd)

GM9213 – Snowflake (NEW & LIMITED)
GM9214 – Winter Wonderland (NEW & LIMITED)
GM1179 – Grenadine
GM4149 – Macaw Green
GM7125 – Licorice

Sleigh Bells:
GM9211 – Candy Cane (NEW & LIMITED)
GM9212 – Christmas Tree (NEW & LIMITED)
GM1000 – Gold
GM6103 – Paloma
GM3116 – Majolica Blue