Amelia’s Exquisite Jewels


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  • Ellana™ 12wt 50/50 wool/acrylic blend • 6 spools – 64m (70yd)
  • These luscious jewel-toned threads are perfectly designed to nestle snuggly into your wool fabric, making it the finest choice for wool on wool appliqué. With a blend of one half luxurious Merino wool fibre and another half acrylic, Ellana™ threads are strong enough to hand stitch or sew with in the machine while offering a superior fray resistant finish. It carries significantly less fuzz, ensuring an exceptional stitch quality. With a selection of six gemstone hues, Amelia’s Exquisite Jewels are the perfect choice for decorative hand and machine stitching or starting your next wool appliqué project.